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Tri fold brochure template is one of many simple model for your brochure. This template is easier to make and read. So, tri fold brochure is the best template’s choice for you. For your information, brochure and flyers usually known as the most effective marketing tools, it will help you illustrate your company’s product or service with different style. Using a brochure is cheaper compared to other types of advertisement, so it is the most common method for fresh or new companies. Other than for the company, a brochure can also be used for mailing, trading or selling something.

To make an attracting brochure, you can use bi fold brochure. This type of brochure is different compared to others especially with its layout that looks like a book. Usually you can get more information in a brochure compared to a flyer or pamphlet. With the shape of a book, a brochure has four sides that can be used. Front side is the best place for an attractive image or drawing as it is the main part of bi fold, because the reader will be interested to read if your front side attracts them. Second and third side can be filled with the information of your service or what you want to share to your readers. The last side is the best place to introduce your company or in other word to highlight your company’s name.

tri fold brochure templateThere are a lot of folds that can be used for your brochure, among others half fold, z fold, accordion fold, 4 panel fold or bi fold, quarter fold, gate fold, also tri fold. To attract the reader to read your brochure, you can use the suitable fold that will make the readers interest to see and read your brochure. One of a good fold is tri fold brochure; you can make the tri fold brochure design yourself. As a start you will need to create tri templates, after that fold three parts of them, and finally you will get your own tri fold brochure.

Brochure or leaflet will help you to introduce your company or the other. There are a lot of design for your leaflet and to make a good leaflet, you must choose the best template. There are wide selections of leaflet template that can be chosen from. After you choose the appropriate template, then you can choose which fold that you want to have. Choosing the right template for your brochure can be crucial as it can also mark the brand of your company.

There is one design that can be the unique fold that can be used, that is z fold brochure. As the name implies, Z fold is shaped like alphabet ‘Z’, you can see this shape by look at the end of the folded piece. Another kind of fold is accordion type, this fold has two or more parallel folds, and it will make the fold looks like a fan when you open it. It is also called as the z fold but the difference is that this type will have four panels. - Free Microsoft Word Templates tri fold brochure templatedownload

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