SWOT Analysis Template for Decision Making

If you want to make decisions for your business, using a SWOT analysis template will help you make decision and be more aware of the factor that will influence decisions made. SWOT is the acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats where the analysis is used to help the business face the challenges which is created by Edmund P. Learned, C. Roland Christensen, Kenneth Andrews, and William D. Book in 1960s. Other than to help make decision for the business, SWOT analyses is also used for the precursor of the action on the company, for example identifying change of area which is possible and enhance the business. This will give you great way to extend the business you have.

How to write a swot analysis ?

When you are going to make SWOT analysis, pay attention in how to write a SWOT analysis. The first thing you have to do is determine the objective which stands for the strategy of the business on top of the page. Then, make four small squares which will represent each acronym of SWOT and label each of the squares on top of it with Strengths at the left part, Weaknesses at the right part, and the bottom of the second row of the squares where Opportunities in the bottom left square, and Threats bottom right square. Label it from the left square and then to the right and then to the second row. Give the bigger font size as it is the title.

SWOT analysis templateAfter you make the label, you can add the strengths and weaknesses which are the factors (SW for the internal factor and OT for the external factors) whether it is qualitative and anecdotal as well as quantitative and empirical that will influence the business or project you have and use bullet form for the factors. After you have filled the four squares, you can draw conclusion by making sure the positive outcomes is higher than the negative. You need to make an adjustment of the negative get the higher outcome than the positive. Blank SWOT analysis template is also provided that will help you draw the simple writing than making it, fill, and draw the conclusion.

Since it is created in 1960, SWOT analysis of a company has been used by many companies in overcomes the challenges in understanding the strengths and weaknesses; and finding both the opportunities and the threats. As the example of SWOT of Botanical Bounty which is perennial farm in Oregon that grows medical plants and many kinds of botanical. By making the SWOT analysis, Botanical Bounty found the potential strategies for growth in establishing the reputation of the medical herb grower. This perennial farm also found that strong sales channel will be strategies to expand Botanical Bounty. It is a proof that SWOT analysis is very important and play crucial role in the operational in a company.

Besides finding SWOT analysis in the browser easily, making personal SWOT analysis template is quite easy. If you have the software you can make it by following the instruction, but also can make it only by using Microsoft Word as the tool. It is different with the SWOT for the company where the personal SWOT is used by yourself to find more about your potential and understand about yourself.

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