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If you have ever heard about work order, then you might familiar with work order template. For those who have not known about this, work order is a list of task that clarify the work which is done, delivery date, and special instruction. This can also be used to track the progress of the work that may be for products or services. This provides the record of the business progress and activity for the further planning in budget or event. Work orders also allow the customer to specify the nature of the goods and services.

work order templateWork order forms come in various types, as an example contractors want to do a job, they can do a single job that has customer’s information, description of the work, list of charge of the material and labour. For the customer itself, work order can be used as the statement about the accountability and allow to clear and comprehensive request form to a company. You can write the work order manually, but paper based work can b the right option for the easier way making it in a moment.

You may differentiate the work order format and the job order format and you can see the difference of between. Work order, order contains instruction, cost estimates, forms, date and time to execute the work order, information about the location and entities to execute the work and the person who gives the work. Meanwhile for the job order, it might contain quantity of product which is need to be manufacture, fabricated or build. The amount of materials that will be used will include amount and price, types of labour, rate per hour, unit, amount, and machine usage should be included in a job or work order to be specifically stated.

When you are going to make an order for the maintenance, maintenance work order template can be used when you have the soft file of it and adjust based on your need. This is used to request maintenance of something to the company or organization. Here are some parts which are included in the format: company name, address and phone number’ phone, date of order, order taken by, customer order number(#); job name, location, and phone; starting date, work order, work ordered by, signature; terms: description of work, total labour and materials, tax, total, labour, hours, rate of, amount, quantity, material, and unit price.

There is also purchase order form which is issued by the buyer to seller. Many companies use this kind of form for clear reasons without explicit communication about the intention from the buyer to seller, besides it will help the purchasing agent to manage the incoming order and pending order. There are two kinds of purchase order: electronic and non-electronic purchase order. For the electronic is usually used for goods or services meanwhile the non-electronic is still on paper. Then, some trade finance facilities which against purchase order as like before and post shipment credit facility, trade finance facility, order confirmation, follow up and many more. - Free Microsoft Word Templates Work Order Template Worddownload

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