Simple Fax Cover Sheet by Microsoft Word

Before you send a fax, you can send out a cover sheet that will have detailed information about the fax itself. If you have no idea in how to create one, you can browse for fax cover sheet by Word beforehand. There are various kinds of designs that you can choose from. Starting from the simplest designs to designs with pictures or background color. If the cover sheet is a business or company, choose a simple plain template that you can edit. After that, change the blank and edit them with your information about the fax.

Many people haven’t even used a fax machine, especially with the advanced technology. Most people prefer to use emails these days. Back in the old days, many people choose to send their file or information through one fax machine to another. With the many files, they have to send in 1 day, using a fax cover letter before sending each one can be a good idea to separate them. You should only include necessary detail in a cover letter. For example, name or company of sender, details about the fax, and date of when the fax is going to be sent. The cover sheet can be quite simple yet informative for the recipient to know if the file is confidential or not. - Free Microsoft Word Templates Fax cover sheet worddownload

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Simple Fax Cover Sheet by Microsoft Word | Ginevra ACQUARONE | 4.5

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