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Purpose of Using Fax Cover Page

Fax cover page is the kind of sheet faxed to the recipient before the real fax massage. It is optional when you are going to send a fax. The purpose of this fax cover is to identify the sender includes the contact information along with the intended recipient and the recipient’s information. You might send this cover page in plain design, but there are also many cover pages that are sent in feature design elements and even the additional information. Some people might think it is not necessary, but some other might use this as the identification of the fax.

fax cover pageActually, there is no standard form for the generic fax cover sheet, but the information that should be included is just the detail information of both the sender and the recipient and some additional parts for the fax document. Printable, blank, editable fax covers are available in the internet, or making it by you. If you prefer the blank cover sheet, you just need to fill it based on the things have written in the sheet, but for the editable, you can change or edit based on your need. The professional look is just in common A4 paper size and makes it clear by giving the right font size.

Basic fax cover sheet comes in simple look with just provide the professional look and format. You can make all the fonts in all capital letter by writing or based on the computer, but to make it neater and no mistake in the written form, computer based can be the good choice for you. You can also make the appearance based on your need depends on what it is for and whom you are going to sent it.

If you are going to send fax massage and decide to make fax cover sheet, actually to make the cover is easy and simple to be created. Free template in the internet is also available or you can also make it with simple fax marketing software. Here are some details that you should include in the fax cover: the name of the sender, the sender’s fax number, and also the regular phone number, meanwhile the recipient has the same contents for the information. Date and number page of the fax can be added and categorized as well giving the company tag line.

Fax can also be used to send letter, application or other kind of letters. Many people usually add fax cover letter as the introduction before the actual fax letter. This is one-page document that is sent with the job application where you can tell the potential and the skills you have in order to gain the interest of the hiring manager think that you are valuable person for the company. Remember that it is different between cover letter and cover sheet for fax. For the cover letter, it is more personal detail informative page and sent with the resume meanwhile for the cover sheet is less personal that contains less information which accompanies the document sent. - Free Microsoft Word Templates Fax Cover Pagedownload

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