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If you ever heard of executive summary template, what comes to mind? It is related to the proposal made by the organization of the company where this summary template explains about the outline of the company or organization’s goal. There are some reasons in why this summary template is used. First, its presence can be a good communicator with the customer even though it is not in the first page and there is a limitation on the page. Second is to communicate with the proposal team. It means that, writing it first is the thing instead in last. Lastly, it is used to communicate with top level management where some of the company or organization need commitment letter which is signed by the top management or board of directors.

Even though summary template is commonly presented in more than one page, there is also one page executive summary template which will give the high-level of overview. Advertising is one of the many things usually used this summary template in order to advertise the local business. This simple summary template presents about the overview of the business, service, or even product which is intended to the boss. Other than that, sometimes government also uses this kind of template as a handout to get sponsorship or support for causes and bills. Snapshot, testimonials, reason to buy, and the way to buy is some important parts that should be included in this one page template.

Executive Summary TemplateSummary template can be made by some tools, such as Google Docs, Google Drawings, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint. You can use one of those tools to make the summary template by yourself. Executive summary format will help you to make the outline first before making the whole summary. It is much easier since all things that should be pointed out have been divided into some parts. First paragraph of the summary will give the big impact of the rest of the summary so that if you make good summary in the first paragraph, it means that you are doing good for the summary.

When it comes to summary template, the simplest one to make an executive summary word template. You can find numerous templates in word format that you can change yourself. Usually for word template that can be customized, you can follow the description under the sub-title of each part. For example in the competitive advantage where it should describe about current and future competitive advantage and explain the barriers that should be entered. If you follow the description, you can make one page summary template which explained all the information needed. This customized summary template can be found in online and you can make it by using the template that you found as the reference.

Writing an executive summary is not as easy as free writing. You should pay attention to some parts or elements that influence the summary itself. Executive summary outline comes with some crucial parts that should be considered. The elements that are had in the summary template are Cover, inside front cover, The Commitment Letter, A Schedule for Delivery Products, a visual showing, Logos, Photographs, photos or schematic plan can also be added in. Remember that the concise, clear, and relevant explanation of what your company does as well as the important part of the summary.

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