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Keeping Track of Employee’s Performance with Employee Review Form

Company will check the employee performance in a period of time with employee review form. Sometimes, it is filled by the supervisor or the manager but the employee can also fill the form for the evaluation of what they have done in the workplace and the track record of the performance they have. Duty, responsibilities, goal make are some important parts that are usually valued and considered by the manager or supervisor in evaluating or reviewing the employee. An employee can request a review form at the Human Resources Department.

employee review formYou are able to find various evaluation forms, such as the annual evaluation form, new position evaluation form, or even hourly employee evaluation form. Actually, there is no standard format in employee evaluation form, but there are some parts that are generally put in the evaluation form. First is employee information as like name, job title, department, review period, employee ID, date, and manager. Second is ratings as like job knowledge, work quality, attendance or punctuality, initiative, communicating or listening skills, dependability and comments for each of the part. The evaluation with the additional comments and the goal are the last part of it.

Employee review template is available in various appearance and different part of the review. You can find it on the internet or make it by yourself by using the form in the internet as the guideline. Actually, traditional review and employee self-review are two general kinds of evaluation template which is widely used but, nowadays, employee self-review is more common in the workplace. Conventional or traditional review tends to the employee with high performance and those employees with below average performance. They can also do self-review so they could figure out their mistakes and try to fix it themselves first.

When it is about employee, there will not only evaluation or review form, but also performance appraisal form. By using this, employees or subordinates can have ‘quality time’ with supervisor in one-on-one discussion. This will give an intense interaction between the supervisors with the employee as the impact of the performance appraisal. It is sometimes used as a motivation and the proof of satisfaction where the company is interested in the employee’s individual performance and development. On the other side, performance appraisal can also be the start of their career paths and give the feels of to be valued by the company or organization.

Other than improving the communication part for the employee and the supervisor within spoken form, performance appraisal template is available in the written form and you who might be as the supervisor can edit, create or customize it to evaluate the employee’s performance. Here are some parts that should be included in the appraisal form or template, employee’s commitment to diversity and inclusion assessment. Overall final performance rating for the year where it uses the standard rating scale and the signature of the employee, the supervisor, and the manager of the supervisor. There is also self appraisal, staff appraisal, and upward appraisal.

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