Employee’s Performance Track with Employee Evaluation Form

In a company or an organization, there will be an evaluation for the employee and the usually the supervisor will fill employee evaluation form which is used to reflect the employee’s performance in the workplace. The all aspects of an employee’s duties are evaluated such as the ability and the productivity during work and the goal they make. Even though supervisor will fill the evaluation form, but the employee can also fill the self-evaluation form where they rate their performance. The function of the evaluation form is used as the personal record which may serve correction for the supervisor in order to promote, demote, discontinue, or even give raises to the employee.

Making an employee review form should pay attention to the information needed to be added. Easy to understand is the key for the evaluation form which will collect the important information of the employee’s performance and behavior. The information lists are such as employee’s attendance; the cooperation, employee’s interaction with others; trustworthiness, motivation, and even their behavior.

employee evaluation formOther than evaluation form for the performance, employee warning notice is also provided for those who have unsatisfactory performance. This kind of notice is given for those who have done something wrong and must improve their behavior. The form should provide some details about the problem such as the date, names, and witness if it is available. The explanation of the consequences is also should be provided in the form in order to make sure that the employee will not do further violation. Giving the early written warning might be the right decision as the problem will not overcome by itself.

Besides the warning and review form, employee information form is used before adding the new employee information in the system. The company can also keep track of the employee after the employee fills the form for the information of themselves. This form is also a proof that you will get paid by the company and the health warranty. The feature of the form comes with the detail information of the employee, such as personal data, as like full name, date and place of birth; contact of the employee, both phone number and email; skills they had; licenses and also training and educational background. Previous job is also can be added for the information.

In a company, to get employee review template, you can request at Human Resources Development where it is a division that the employee can be judged. But, if you are a manager or supervisor of a company, you also can give evaluation to the employee. The design for the template itself is different from one company to other, depends on who are going to write the form which is can be the supervisor, manager, HRD or even the employee. When the employee writes self-review or evaluation, this is usually used as the way for the manager to encourage the employee themselves in order to plan their future and think about it. Sometimes, this self-evaluation is used as promotion tool for the manager to consider about the employee’s career.

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