How to Create Certificate Using a Template from Word

certificate template wordIf you browse online on the internet, you will get many easy ways to create a certificate. You can choose from many certificate template by Microsoft Word that you can edit and format too. You can even search for templates where you can merge your email contact addresses. You don’t have to write down each name in the template and the program can do the job for you with the template. Creating a certificate or award using Word is very simple and easy. With many categories that it has for the template, you can choose for the design that you want and edit the content.

To create a certificate using Word, all you have to do is to prepare the name list in Microsoft Excel. Other than that, you also need to prepare the content information you want for the certificate itself. After you prepare both, let Microsoft Word do the work. You can also use this to create a certificate of appreciation. You can change and edit the words as much as you like, but by doing them in mass it will save you time to do other things. As for the certificate, it will mean much more if you give them out one by one instead of mailing them out. - Free Microsoft Word Templates Certificate template worddownload

How to Create Certificate Using a Template from Word | Ginevra ACQUARONE | 4.5

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