Benefits of Using an Employee Write Up Form

Using an employee write up form effectively can help improve the productivity of a company, whether it is a small, medium or a big company. Growing companies especially, will come across certain issues that need to be addressed appropriately. Sometimes employees behaviors can be accepted, while other times they need to be disciplined for their actions. When their work behaviors are unacceptable, giving them a write up warning can be the right thing to do in the way to discipline them. In the long run, this will also affect the overall growth and productivity of the company altogether.

Companies usually already have their own employee write up template that can be filled in by their Human Resource Departments for the employees they are going to give the warnings to. Other than the Human Resource Department, their managers can also fill in these templates to help them with the issues. These write up warnings are usually given to employees with behavior issues after several verbal warnings and they still haven’t changed their attitudes at work. Using these write ups, it is one way to make it more formal so that the employee will understand the importance of the matter even more.

Employee Write Up FormIn an employee write up or employee discipline form, there is usually information that can be found in relation to the matter itself. Even in a basic form, there will be information of the employee’s name, department, supervisor or manager’s name, type of violation, place where the violation occurred, date of warning, violation date or time along with the employee’s statement, employer’s statement, and warning decision. At the bottom of the form, it is usually signed by the employee, supervisor or manager, and the person who will be preparing the warning (usually by Human Resource Department).

Other than those information, there could be additional details of the employee that can be stated too, such as previous violation details with date, time, and location of when it happened. After the write up forms for employees are created, usually it will be copied and distributed to the General Manager of the company, Human Resource Department manager, and manager or supervisor of the employee. They will need to keep these documents filed properly, so they can easily find them in the future just in case more violations happen. In addition to prevent more violations happening, they will also be able to help fix employee’s deteriorating job performance or behavior.

Absenteeism is one of the most common issues used for someone to get a write up form. An employee warning notice is usually issued after several verbal warnings, where employees still insist on performing under the company’s standard, behaving inappropriately at work or have bad attendance record. These write ups cannot just randomly be issued, because it could have a bad effect on the company. In various cases, there are employees that do not realize they could perform better even after few verbal warnings. This is when a write up can be used for them, so they can consider and take the warning more seriously to perform better in the company to be more effective and productive.

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