What is APA Template Word?

APA template word is a template used in conjunction with American Psychological Association rules for in-text citations, end references, and paper formats. According to APA regulation, the text font format should be using Times New Roman and size 12 especially for research or legal papers. The only time that the font should be changed is when you want to add more style into the paragraph, but since the paper will be formal then the font still has to be readable. Another important format that needs to be set is for the whole paper to have double spacing.

Using a specific template to follow APA rules can make your life easier especially if your professor is persistent in enforcing the APA style for any kind of papers that’s going to be handed in, whether they are essay, mid-term or end-term papers. An APA paper template can easily be downloaded and saved to your PC, so you don’t have to keep downloading it every time you need to work on your papers with APA style format. Since Microsoft 201al3 and newer will let you save your personal template, you can just download the APA template that you need and save it there.

APA template word previewIn an APA format template, starting from the front cover of the paper you will have to edit, you will see parts and areas where you can enter your name, class, student ID number, course name or number, instructor name, and date. As a header for every pages of the paper with APA format, there will be a “Running Head” of short title or brief with 50 characters or less. On the next page, there is supposed to be an “Abstract”. If you are wondering what an Abstract is, it is a single paragraph of brief summary of the whole paper. It is usually done without indentation and about 150 – 250 words. The necessity of having an Abstract needs to be confirmed with the instructor or professor requesting the paper, because sometime it’s not needed.

The title of the paper that’s placed in the page after needs to be aligned to the center using Title style. Just like most paper style, using an APA style template means you will always have to mention the source of your quotation or words (if you are using someone else’s quotes or words). Also if you are using references from other sources, you will have to cite the content that you use from them inside your paper. If you are unsure whether you have to cite or not, just cite them anyway because most of the time it’s better to cite them rather than leaving people think those are your words when they aren’t.

The proper format to do your citation is by stating the author’s last name(s), publication year, and if needed you can also state the page number. In an APA word template, you can clearly see that all the pages of the main body of the paper will start with a header that’s position at the center of the page. Following APA format isn’t only beneficial for the teacher or professor, but also for the student.

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